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35 Porch family and neighbor postcard photo 6 March 1908 Maurine Holt.jpg
Left to right:

Neighbor woman and her son, Angie Mohr McBee and and her son, Merle Mohr, Harold Mohr, Mary Mohr, and Blanche Mohr

Back of the postcard

Left side:

Well Ma, how are you. I want you and Pa to come and see us now you can make…

4A Arkansas River Bridge 1909 Butch Ewing.jpg
Written on the back

Left side:

Yes Walter W. is still at home now but he has a little better time than he use to he goes with the girls now. Answer soon.

Route 2 Box 31
Aug. 30 Derby Kans.

Thanks for pretty card. I am not at home now I…

3A Catholic Church Pre1910 Butch Ewing.jpg
Postcard photo of the catholic church in Derby, Kansas.

The postcard was mailed from Derby, Kansas in the early 1900s to

Miss Bess Carico
M S J College
Abilene, Kans

Written on the left hand side:

Will write soon -
How is…

11A Derby Main Street early1900s Butch Ewing.jpg
Main Street in Derby was actually Baltimore. This photo is looking north on Baltimore circa early 1900s.

Written on the back of the photo:

Real Photo
Note two cowgirls
Derby Kansas

Untitled-1 copy.jpg
Front of the postcard is addressed to:

Rev. H. S. Bower
Derby Kan.

Back of the postcard:

Dear Rev. Bower

I herewith thankfully acknowledge the receipt of $12 int. due on Derby Church Sep 15th (18) 87.

W. Yost

Jan. 3 (18)88
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