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691 Derby Post Office 1938 Museum.jpg
The Derby Post Office was located at 101 S. Baltimore. The building currently houses the VFW and was originally built in 1918 by Ed and George Klegg and Claude and Zoe Alley. One side housed the Derby Post Office and the other side held a Ford car…

690 Derby Post Office 1938 Museum.jpg
An interior view of the Derby Post Office located in what is now the VFW in 1938. Sarah Zoe Alley was held the position of Postmaster or Postmistress from Oct. 1, 1937 - July 1, 1944.

Pictured (left to right): Beulah (Austin) Rippel, James Alley…

132A William Hamilton unknown Beverly Coover.jpg
William "Bill" Hamilton graduated from Derby High School in 1935.

509 Glaser family maybe 1938 MAUMC - Mary Judd.jpg
The Glaser descendants around 1938. Back row was cut off in the photo.
Middle row: Charles Glaser, Wallace Glaser, James Roy Human, and Dale Human.
Front row: Betty Human, Mildred Human, Joan Glaser, Mary Ella Glaser, and Peggy Sargeant.

1064 Farewell Dinner 1907 Mildred Gasaway.jpg
Farewell dinner on Dec. 27, 1907 held at Roy and Allie Sargeant's house. This was the house the couple first lived in when they got married. Their children Ina, Marie, Charles, and Modesta were born in the house.

459 Roy Sargeant family December 1936 Alma Baker.jpg
Roy and Allie Sargeant’s family on Christmas 1936 at Tillie (Glaser) Austin’s place.

Front row (left to right): Peggy Sargeant, Loretta Sargeant, and Roy Sargeant Jr.
Back row (left to right): Marie Sargeant, Charles Sargeant, Roy Sargeant,…

408A Nema Brown Godwin Senior pic 1941 Godwin Sisters.jpg
Nema Brown graduated from Derby in 1941.

407A Godwin Family 1930s Godwin Sisters.jpg
The Godwin family grew up on a farm west of Derby. Most of the family has remained in the area. The photo shows Leslie Godwin on the left and Ina Godwin on the right with all nine of their children (not in photo order): Roy, Maxine, Eugene…

394 Mary Glaser and brother Charles Glaser 1939 Mary Judd.jpg
Siblings Mary and Charles Glaser sitting the on the family's 1928 Model "A" Ford in 1939.
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