Items from El Paso and Vicinity (Dec. 19, 1878)

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Items from El Paso and Vicinity (Dec. 19, 1878)


Wichita Eagle


Wichita Eagle
Wichita, KS
Dec. 19, 1878
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For the Eagle.

Items from El Paso and Vicinity.
El Paso, December 16.

Our school, under the charge of Mr. Mahin, is a progressing fluely, and the people agree in saying that Mr. Mahin is the best instructor that ever engaged to teach this school. The present attendance is forty-one scholars.

The bell purchased with the proceeds of the festival given for that purpose has been placed in the school house belfry. A bell has long been needed for school and church purposes.

Our town is dressed in white—a snow tell last Thursday night—but, notwithstanding the disagreeableness of travel the road is continually lined with freight wagons.

The river was frozen over yesterday sufficiently to enable persons attending services to cross the ice.

We are sorry to learn of the death of Mr. Robert Stafford, of Gypsum township, who departed this life last Sunday afternoon. We extend our sympathy to the friends and relatives of deceased.

A daughter of Mr. Love Stafford visited her parents a few days since, and it is gratifying to learn that the parents are extremely happy over the occasion.

Dr. Harper’s little child which for some time has been very sick with membranous croup, is better.

Mr. Grey is at present engaged in erecting a house on the farm of Rev. Mr. Thompson, pastor of the U. P. church.

A greyhound belonging to F. S. Carlton, of Gypsum township, dropped dead last week while running at full speed in the chase. Mr. Carlton valued the hound very highly. He states that there are few equals to it in the country.

Mr. Baldwin and lady have just returned from visiting relatives at Fort Larned, and state that the country they saw cannot compare with Sedgwick county. “There’s no place like home.”

Miss Mattie Cutter, a musician of talent, is the organist of the Baptist denomination.

Fred Forest is the name of the new clerk in A Minnich’s dry goods and grocery store.

Mr. David Hawkins, a grocer, is selling goods in the room formerly occupied by L. E. Vance.

Since the snow the prairie chickens, jack rabbits and deer have been slightly frightened by numerous hunting parties who are contiunally hunting through this section.

A singing club will be organized next Wednesday evening in the school house. We would extend an invitation to surrounding vicinity to come and join with us. The club will be under the charge of Mr. Mahin, who will gratuitously instruct those who are not able to read music. The object of the club will be the general improvement of singing in our town.

Very respectfully,
Derf. Gimor.


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